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BST is a Bank of the financial Group dedicated to give services to bank companies, trusteeship (fiduciary) bank, capital marketstreasury services and ComEx having  as management pillars the speed up the answer, the creativity in the solution of needs, and the strength of a structurally efficient bank. Our results through the last years has led us to a continuous improvement of our qualification: at present we are BBB(Arg), given by FIX SCR.

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FIDaval is the Holding Mutual Guarantee Company. We facilitate the access to the market of capitals por micro, small and medium-sized companies by giving them guarantees so that they can fulfill their obligations, at the momento of asking for a loan to financial entities, to buy supplies, capital assets and / or investment projects.

Logo GST Capital

Launched by the ende f 2021, GST Capital is the strategic partner for financial solutions through leasing.

An innovative and disruptive proposal to help the growth of companies and entrepreneurs. More tan a tool, we are a strategic partner in financing capital assets.

We propose leasing solutions pointed at multiple industries adapted to the new realities of the companies. We have a team of professional experts in leasing and with recognized experience in the national and international market.

In 2020 Orígenes Retirement Insurances, S. A (Public Limited Company), consolidated its leadership with the acquisition Metlife Retirement Insurances. We are the first private institutional investor of people´s insurances, with the higher growth of investments in the participation of the retirement market. Positioned as the leader company of the sector, whose strength and experience is reflected upon the trust that our policy holders have placed  in us for over 35 years.

Life Insurances was born at the end of 2021 with the acquisition of MetLife (Life, Property and General (PEOPLE) Insurance and the plan of merger with Orígenes Life and Property Insurance, positioning ourselves  as a leading company in the sector.

Our solid track from Orígenes Seguros allows us to créate a leading life insurance company and to position ourselves as the best option to accompany our clients throughout their lives due to our great experience,  product diversity and  service quality.


Logo MegaQM

In January 2022 we embarked on a new path MEGAQM, marking a milestone with the birth of something much bigger than  the union of Megainver and Quinquela, the two leading Asset Management Companies in Argentina. It is a symbol of strength, transformation and leadership that marks an important milestone  for both administrating in particular and for the Funding Industry in general, as this is the first merger in the Mutual Fund Market in Argentina.

We are a specialized company  dedicated to the administration of collective investment products  with a wide variety  of solutions in ARS and U$D

Logo Directo

Crédito Directo is the Group company dedicated to the structuring of consumer loans.

Directo has capitalized on the knowledge and track record of some of the Grupo ST’s shareholders In the consumer credit business, developing effective and efficient financial services for Individuals through third-party channels (B2B2C) and directly through digital channels.

Gestión emerged in 2015, created by a team of professionals with solid and successful experience in the industry, acquiring distressed portfolios, with a successful development

in their collection management.

It is a company that provides comprehensive solutions in outsourcing services to optimize the benefit of its customers.


Logo Open Cars

Opencars is a company that has more than 20 years of experience in the Automotive Industry. It offers the possibility of buying certified used cars with official guarantee and also new cars. we have the distribution of international brands such as: Chevrolet, Volkswagen and Peugeot.

Our team will be happy to provide you with the advice you need, at any time and from the comfort of your home.

Liminar Desarrollos Inmobiliarios is a young company that has an excellent and experienced work team allowing to offer its experience in the Analysis of Investment, Architectural projects and Real Estate administration.

Its team of professionals trained to face all kinds of challenges and detect opportunities, provides a work philosophy based on honesty and the search for excellence.

Liminar Energy controls Crown Point Energy Inc.

Crown Point Energy Inc. is an international company based in Calgary dedicated to the exploitation of Oil&Gas in Argentina.

Within its portfolio, it includes operations in developed productive areas and exploration opportunities in two of the greatest hydrocarbon weight areas in the country: the Austral Basin in Tierra del Fuego and the Neuquén Basin in the provinces of Neuquén and Mendoza.

Considered the most active finance consignee in the province of La Pampa NHF S.A. has a staff of 25 employees and 10 commission agents. Monthly auctions are carried out in General Acha, Bernasconi, Victorica, Realico, San Rafael, Algarrobo de Águila, Choele Choel, La Gloria and Buenos Aires.

Comercial y Ganadera del Nirihuau S.A. is a company dedicated to the agricultural and livestock exploitation of 21,338 hectares distributed in Buenos Aires and La Pampa provinces.

Nirihuau’s objective is to acquire new production units to achieve a greater economy of scale, allowing increased profitability by reducing unit costs.

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