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Grupo ST SA is a joint-stock company constituted as per the Argentinean legislation on November 19 2003 and registered before the Registry of Business Organizations on December 12, 2003.

It was constituted by Roberto Domínguez and Pablo B. Peralta among its founding partners, as a financial services holding company firstly with the aim of participating in the Banco de Servicios y Transacciones SA, possessing to this day 98.96% share stock of such banking institution.

In the first years of growth and consolidation of the Grupo, Abus Las Américas I SA and Dolphin Créditos SA were incorporated, adding up to the current stock percentage.

The initial share capital at constitution date was AR$ 4,500,000, which was successively increased thanks to the shareholders’ commitment to Grupo ST SA, reaching nowadays over AR$160,000,000.

As duly stated in the Company Bylaws, Grupo ST SA is a holding company with no development of any business activity, but solely for financial and investment purposes.

At present its strategic aim is to strengthen its presence in the corporate financial services sector through the BST, aiming at positioning such banking institution as a referent in the financial market in the near future.