To provide innovative, high-quality financial services, contributing to creating value for our clients, employees, shareholders and the society as a whole.


Grupo ST SA is a holding company focused on high value-added products for the corporate segment. As such, it develops business opportunities which the lack of know-how and flexibility of banking institutions and other traditional financing intermediaries cannot take advantage of, capitalizing the flexibility and efficiency of a highly professional structure.


Grupo ST SA is committed to the quality of its task and makes permanent efforts to improve the best practices to fulfill its aims, being formal and standing by its word of honor.

Team work

Grupo ST SA shares its knowledge and capacities as a way of getting the best results for its clients reflecting such value in its compensation system.


Moral integrity

Grupo ST SA observes all relevant applicable laws and regulations, abiding by high ethic and professional standards, based on austerity and a horizontal decision-making structure.


Grupo ST SA is open to all opinions, suggestions and beliefs, without any kind of discrimination.