Logo bst 20 años

BST is a Bank of the financial Group dedicated to give services to bank companies, trusteeship (fiduciary) bank, capital markets,  treasury services and ComEx having  as management pillars the speed up the answer, the creativity in the solution of needs, and the strength of a structurally efficient bank.

FIDaval is the Holding Mutual Guarantee Company. We facilitate the access to the market of capitals por micro, small and medium-sized companies by giving them guarantees so that they can fulfill their obligations, at the momento of asking for a loan to financial entities, to buy supplies, capital assets and / or investment projects.

GSTC propose leasing solutions pointed at multiple industries adapted to the new realities of the companies. We have a team of professional experts in leasing and with recognized experience in the national and international market.

logo osr 35 años

In 2020 Orígenes Retirement Insurances, S. A (Public Limited Company), consolidated its leadership with the acquisition Metlife Retirement Insurances. We are the first private institutional investor of people´s insurances.

Life Seguros is the new insurance company of Grupo ST, arising from the acquisition of MetLife Seguros S.A., which Orígenes Seguros will soon join.


MegaQM is a leading Mutual Fund company specialized in the administration of collective investment products with a wide variety  of solutions in ARS and U$D.

Management of Loans and Collections is a company whose mission is the acquisition, administration and management of distress portfolios, in order to maximize the profitability of its investors. Its objective is to generate comprehensive long-term relationships, betting on business development through the growth of its clients, partners and investors who trust in the success of its management.

DIRECTO is a Company that, through the financing of consumer goods, effectively and efficiently satisfies the needs of its Clients and Associated Businesses, developing bonds through a team of agile, capable, and motivated Collaborators.